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One of the greatest lessons I have learned and continue to pass down to my family and students is that of respect

Thank you to all of the Instructors and assistant Instructors that have helped to shape HMA.

Notable mentions:

GGM Charles Gaylord

GM Pete Morales

GM Bobby Taboada

Prof. Brian Yoshii

GM Bill Sills


Kajukenbo is not only recognized as America's first mixed martial art, but also the perfect street fighting art that combines Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Kenpo and Chinese Boxing. Students become well versed in fighting techniques from all ranges of attack.

Kajukenbo was founded in 1947 in the Palamas Settlement of Oahu, Hawaii. It was developed by five black belts from various martial arts backgrounds who came together to train and learn from each other. These individuals became known as the "Black Belt Society" and the style became known as KAJUKENBO.

The martial artist responsible for the development of Kajukenbo and there respective backgrounds are as following:


Peter Young
Yil Choo

Frank Ordonez
Joe Holck
Adriano Emperado
Clarence Chang

The History of Kajukenbo - Click Here


Balintawak is a straight-forward and hard-hitting stick fighting art. it was developed by Venancio "Anciong" Bacon, who had a background in various Escrima styles, Filipino grappling (Dumog, Combat Judo), and Western Boxing.

The core of Balintawak training is a "counter to counter" style. Students learn skills designed to help them respond defensively and offensively from various angles and ranges. The stick is the primary training tool. it is also emphasized that it is just that ... a tool, to help train the individuals balance, speed, body flexibility, reflexes, and power.

The History of Balintawak - Click Here

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